Top 5 Concept Motorcycles by High-End Car Makers

Car manufacturers occasionally dip a toe into the world of two wheels. It’s usually in the form of an expensive bicycle designed to be strapped to the back of a giant SUV, and bought by middle-aged businessmen.

But that hasn’t stopped petrolhead designers from daydreaming about radical motorcycles bearing lustworthy badges. So  we’re taking a sideways look at five concept motorcycles that wear the logo of a high-end car makers.

First up is Porsche, with a very strange concept indeed.

Porsche Design Alternative Motorrad Konzept Porsche is well known for helping Harley-Davidson on the engineering front, notably with the VR1000 racer and the Revolution engine that debuted in the V-Rod. Less well known is this 1978 concept motorcycle based on a Yamaha SR500. As with most carmaker-derived concepts, it’s high on style and low on practicality—those enclosed wheels would never work, for starters. The Vintagent has the full story, along with the best description of the rider’s attire: “a Ghillie Suit appropriate for a Mardi-gras hunting party.”