Top 10 Celebrities That Drive Ridiculously Cheap Cars

Daniel Radcliffe – Fiat Punto

harry potter fiat

Daniel Radcliffe is probably best known for his role as Harry Potter in J.K. Rowling’s popular wizard series. But since 2011, Radcliffe has moved on to other roles in film, television and even stage. His early success with the Harry Potter franchise is what enabled Radcliffe to save millions before even turning 18. After his 18th birthday, Radcliffe decided to celebrate the year by treating himself to a brand new and shiny automobile.

Although he had a fortune to spend on this staple purchase, Radcliffe didn’t buy a Porsche or an Aston Martin, but instead opted for a rather reasonable $17,800 Fiat Punto. Apparently the reasoning behind this purchase is Radcliffe’s environmentally conscious nature. Aiming to reduce his carbon footprint, the Fiat is actually a decent choice. At 1.8L, and not more than 178hp, it’s safe to say that this car is more environmentally friendly than a Lamborghini.