The Most Expensive Cars of Music Divas

Divas keep life interesting. Whether they are dating, singing, having babies or buying new cars, we love to stay in touch with their personal lives.

It’s not that we want to encourage the paparazzi to push their way into their lives, we just want to know what they do in their real lives. It’s interesting to think about what they drive, what they eat, how they spend their idle time and what they do for fun.

Sometimes, cars can say a lot about their owners, as they “brand” the owner as being sporty, luxurious, eco-friendly, ostentatious or down-to-earth. Many stars choose to drive more traditional automobiles, but the diva’s we selected for this list obviously know how to appreciate automobiles.

From Bentleys to Aston Martins, these girls have them all. In fact, most have more than one set of wheels in addition to a loyal driver who can run by to pick them up for a fancier occasion. It’s not likely you’ll ever see any of these lovelies driving themselves to a red carpet affair in their designer gowns and jewels.

One observation we made is that none of these divas waste their earnings by buying a new car every year. The tendency seems to be toward buying classic and high-end vehicles that last for years. Of course, the service on these babies probably costs more than a year’s mortgage for regular folks.

Rather than start with the highest of high ends, we started with A-list divas who drive some of our favorites that are simply great cars.

10. Katy Perry’s Black Audi A5: $50,000

Aside from Katy Perry‘s pink Smart Car that has her name painted in bright pink on the passenger door, she owns this luxurious Audi A5. Not ostentatious and rather subdued, the black Audi was purchased in 2009 and as far as we know, she is still using it to tool around as she goes about her diva business.

It’s got an elegant look and the ride is as smooth as they come, although it seems a little unKaty-like, doesn’t it? She’s such a playful entertainer in her looks, wardrobe choices and songs that we would not have placed any bets that an Audi would be her choice.