The Hottest Ladies of The Fast and The Furious Movies

3. Michelle Rodriguez

Here’s a candid shot of Michelle Rodriguez and Vin Diesel in a behind the scenes shot from Furious 7. This scene takes place after a raucous opener featuring Jason Statham raising hell as Deckard Shaw.

We hear the usual hip hop music, see the cars, the girls dancing, and more. In a nod to the original film, Dom takes Letty to race wars to help reacquaint his girl with the racing scene and competition they played a huge part in. The difference is now Race War has heavy hitters as sponsors and has grown into the biggest one yet.

Letty wins her race and is congratulated by everyone, which leads her to have flashbacks of her incident from 2009’s Fast and Furious. Letty gets into a fight, punching Hector (Noel Guglliemi) who makes his first on screen appearance since 2001’s original movie.

Michelle’s Letty is portrayed as a badass, loyal, rough around the edges woman with an attitude in the movies, but here we see a laid back beautiful aura behind that rough and tough exterior.