The Hottest Ladies of The Fast and The Furious Movies

6. Devon Aoki 

Devon Aoki plays Suki in 2Fast 2Furious. Devon is instantly recognizable with her pink clothing that go along with her Pink (custom made) Honda S2000.

She’s also instantly hot in this photo of her sitting down on the hood of her patented pink vehicle. Devon only appears in one “furious” movie but that doesn’t prevent her from being one of the hottest must-see ladies on this list.

Aoki’s character Suki is a friend of Tej (reminder, played by Chris “Ludacris” Bridge) and Jimmy (remember him? Probably not, but he’s played by Jin Auyeung for “S’s and G’s”).

I’m positive her attractiveness and raw talent earned her the distinction of having her character be the only named female racer in the entire film and she also had an all women racing crew.

2Fast 2Furious may in some ways be one of those “forgettable sequels” but Devon Aoki makes it so we remember every scene she’s in.