Scott Wade: “The Dirty Car Artist”

For most people, dirty car windows are a hassle. For others, it’s a canvas with infinite possibilities. Meet Scott Wade: “The Dirty Car Artist.”

What do you do when your car windows become caked in a layer of dirt? Wash them? That’s not what Scott Wade does – he draws on them instead. Having lived on a long dirt road in Texas for more than two decades, Scott is no stranger to dirty cars and often finds himself doodling in the dust.


On occasion, when natural dirt isn’t enough, Scott will even create artificial canvases with oil, dirt and a hair dryer. Various tools have been experimented with over the years, including chewed up popsicle sticks and paintbrushes. These days, brushes, a rubber “paint-shaper” and fingers are the tools of his trade. Once the image is on the car, natural elements take over again: dew, gentle rain, additional dust and more all get down and dirty when it comes to playing with the image.