Most Popular Nascar Diecast Car Models


NASCAR is one of the most popular sports in the United States. The high speeds, strong personalities, and spectacular wins make it a thrilling sport to watch.


Putting together a collection of diecast cars is a popular way to commemorate past drivers and show support for current ones and  can be a rewarding experience. Collectors can commemorate their favorite drivers, teams, cars, and brands. With hundreds of different cars released over the years, locating the cars can be a difficult task. Finding the cars to add to a collection is simple. Storing and maintaining the cars properly ensures that collectors can continue to enjoy their pieces of NASCAR history for years to come.

Below you can check some of the most popular once according to Amazon statistics:


NASCAR Kyle Busch #18 M&M’s 1/64 Kids Hardtop Car 2014 by Lionel




Brand new 2014 edition in 1/64 scale, Diecast body and plastic chassis, Generation 6 body style, Measures 3″ x 1″ x 1″, Hood and trunk do not open 

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