10 Most Expensive Mercedes-Benz Cars of All Time

While many people look at their vehicles as ways of getting from point A to point B and on weekends,

point C, there are those that see their cars as part of their personality and identity. For them, there is nothing in the world so precious as their four-wheeled mistress (or the gender-appropriate equivalent of mistress for females). While some people teeter on the verge of obsessive and unhealthy with their love for their vehicle, it is the world we live in and “he/she who dies with the most shiny things is declared the winner upon reaching the pearly gates”.

That’s listed as number one in the rule book. While economy class cars are getting nicer, more comfortable and roomier by the year, they still don’t offer a substitute in terms of power or luxury, when compared to vehicles from dedicated luxury brands. Sure, a Ferrari or Lamborghini goes fast, but if your goal is to get somewhere in as much style and comfort as possible, a sports/super car isn’t the way to go.

Cadillac, Lincoln, Lexus, BMW and Audi are great bets (not the first two if you live in a cold climate mind you), but there is something about Mercedes-Benz products. They are synonymous with being able to provide luxury and comfort with an engine that can last a long time, plain and simple.

Along with being great cars today, there are some Mercedes-Benz models that are among the rarest and most sought-after vehicles out there. Here is our list of the most expensive and valuable cars from this make.

10. C112 Concept, Vision SLR Concept, AMG Vision GT Concept – $3 Million

The C112 Concept was the masterpiece creation of Mercedes-Benz in the early 90s. It bares some notable aesthetic similarities to the McLaren F1 supercar which was revealed shortly thereafter. It never entered full production, despite there being some significant demand and potential buyers. The 6L V12 produced a bit over 400 horsepower with a top speed of over 190 MPH.


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