Top Facts About Tyrrell Six-Wheeler

4. …but Jody Scheckter was never a fan

For all the success Jody Scheckter had in the P34 – one win, one pole, five podiums, third in the world championship – the South African has never spoken favourably of the P34, reserving particular scorn for the car’s brakes.

With four front tyres and six axles, brake balance was no longer just a matter of front-to-rear, but rather front-to-front-to-rear – something which would play havoc with the car’s handling as the wheelbase effectively lengthened or shortened depending on which axle locked. “The braking was supposed to be better: well, it was when you were braking in a straight line, but as soon as you turned in, the little wheels slid and you had to come off the pedal, so there was no advantage there,” Scheckter told Motor Sport magazine in 2008. “It only really worked on very smooth surfaces and, back then, there just weren’t many of those around.”

Ronnie Peterson, who drove the car in 1977, could never get on with the six-wheeler either, but Depailler, who is routinely credited as being a major driving force for the project and scored eight podiums with the car over two years, was a much bigger fan, revelling in its ‘pointy’ oversteer characteristics.