Top Facts About Tyrrell Six-Wheeler

3. It was successful right from the off…

It wasn’t until the 1976 Spanish Grand Prix at Jarama – the fourth round of the season and the first race in Europe – that Tyrrell unleashed their radical six-wheeler, providing a lone chassis for Patrick Depailler while Jody Scheckter raced on in the more conventional 007.

By this stage the P34 had been tested extensively, and was showing bags of potential, particularly in terms of turn-in. This potential was realised almost instantly when Depailler promptly qualified third on the grid – 11 places ahead of his team mate. In the race the Frenchman would fall victim to a braking issue – one of the P34’s most common afflictions and a symptom of its tiny front wheels – but Scheckter would bring the car home in fourth in Belgium a fortnight later.

On an upward curve, things went even better next time out at Monaco where Scheckter and Depailler were second and third behind Niki Lauda’s Ferrari as the P34’s handling advantages came to the fore. But the high water mark was to come at Sweden’s Anderstorp circuit where, in just the car’s fourth ever race, Scheckter put the six-wheeler on pole and then led Depailler home in a famous one-two, once Mario Andretti’s Lotus had expired.

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