Three-Wheeled Motorcycle – 2015 Polaris Slingshot


This distinction is very important to Polaris, and it’s very important to the U.S. Department of Transportation. The fact that the Slingshot has been classified as a motorcycle means that it is not loaded down with airbags, bumpers, crash protection, a collapsing steering column and other car safety equipment. It has not been subjected to crash testing. The Slingshot’s classification as a motorcycle is the only reason that it made it through development and into production. As a car, the Slingshot never would have made it.

The Slingshot is a motorcycle, and requires a motorcycle operator’s license or endorsement in order to be ridden on public streets. Drivers — I mean riders — and passengers will have to conform to motorcycle helmet laws. The Slingshot will be eligible to be licensed and insured as a motorcycle in all 50 states, and presumably will be entitled to the same privileges (what few there are) that are accorded to other motorcycles, like access to carpool and HOV lanes, reduced tolls and motorcycle parking.