The Hottest Women in Car Racing

It may seem that in the history of motorsports, racing has been a display of male diligence and it comes as no surprise in consideration of the stereotypical nature of a career involving mechanics, physical strain and the unquestionable danger of driving at outrageous speeds with mere six inch wide tires.

Nonetheless, with the ever-growing modernization of motorsports comes the modernization of its outlook on an ironic mix of gender roles throughout the race, whilst using women to highlight the excitement of the sports overall.

Although there have been few incidents of female breakthroughs of fame and success in motorsports, there have still been just enough to recognise the influence that these attractive role models have had on the racing world. Not only have women changed the way motorsports is viewed, they have made the sport argumentatively a lot more appealing.

Thus, women have begun concreting their way through the motorsport world, not only showing that they can race just as well, if not better than their fellow male racers- but have proven that women can battle it out with the men whilst remaining as feminine and sexy as ever.

Whether they are racers, girlfriends, wives or flag-girls, the world of motorsports have definitely captured the true meaning of a man’s dream – attractive women attracted to the race track. The sport is now practically filled with women with a true passion for their cars or perhaps what’s behind the wheel. Naturally, these women have been seen sexy merely for their love of the sports, however as men will be men, motorsports have made it their mission to idolize these women in the most typical light and accentuated their presence into some of the most immaculately women the world has seen.

They have paved the way for legendary female racing martyrs and excelled through the sports like it has always been for the gals. To summarize, here are your top 10 sexiest women in racing who are sure to start your engines.


Leilani Munter, an American professional ARCA series driver, is an exceptionally appealing superstar for more than just her racing capabilities. Munter, while growing into a force on the race track, has also impressed fans with a biology degree from the University of California San Diego, proudly announcing her work as an environmental activist as well as being an undeniably irresistible face in motorsports.

Simply said, Munter is practically what every car-loving male’s dreams are made of: beauty, brains and a passion for race-car driving.

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