The Greatest Actors Who Also Car Racing Drivers

Actors, like civilians, have hobbies, although actors’ hobbies tend to be on the more expensive side.

Either through a film or being exposed to cars on their own, these actors all took a risk and decided to race cars. It’s a dangerous hobby, and in one case, it resulted in death. But, akin to racing pros, the actors are drawn to the pumping adrenaline a race creates—the thrill of the chase.

Many of these actors were so good at racing, they put their acting careers on hold to race full time. Besides racing, some of the actors owned a racing team and/or collected their fair share of sports cars, aka toys.

10. Brian Austin Green

Husband of actress Megan Fox, Brian Austin Green is not as avid a racer as some celebs, but he did win the 2010 Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race. Toyota gives $5,000 to the organization Racing for Kids, so Green helped make that happen. In 2011, he returned to the event and competed as a pro, but didn’t win. In the event, he’s beat out actors like Adrien Brody and Frankie Muniz.