The Best Maseratis Of All Time

Over 100 years ago the four Maserati brothers opened a small automotive repair shop in the heart of Bologna, Italy.

In the decades since, the Maserati brand has experienced its fair share of trials and tribulations, ranging from War to bankruptcy, from incompetent ownership to quality control problems. Through it all, Maserati has never wavered from its tradition of building stylish, fast, and uniquely Italian sports cars.

Here are 10 of the hottest cars ever to emerge from Maserati.

In a special ceremony this week, Bologna’s City Council and Maserati unveiled a special plaque to commemorate the birthplace of the famed Italian marque. Present for the event were the sons of two of the Maserati brothers — Ettore and Ernesto. However, the brother most associated with the Maserati brand is Alfieri — after whom the company named its gorgeous concept in celebration of the 100th anniversary.

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