SUV | Russian Hummer with Whale Penis Skin Seats

 The most expensive SUV in the world – Russian SUV “Combat”

The most expensive SUV in the world was created by Dartz on the basis of the Russian SUV “Combat” a couple of years ago and named Dartz Prombron Monaco Red Diamond Edition. Eccentric SUV was built in a style of American Hummer, but with more serious features then his overseas counterpart. The most important advantage of therussian  “monster” is the fact that the car is heavily armored and can withstand any attack up to a shot from a grenade launcher. The car windows have a thickness of 7 sm,  body for added strength coated with Kevlar.

The wildest  desires  in one  SUV

According to the developer company, they decided to gather all the wildest in value desires of their customers and put them together in one car.

 SUV "Combat."

Exclusive SUV is covered with bright red matte paint “ruby red”. The most expensive and incredible for off-road vehicle parts we have to mention gold plated bullet-proof glasses.  Also it includes the most expensive stereo system Rogue. Car interior is decorated with gold, platinum, diamonds and rubies. But what certainly hit all the extensive list of options – the design of interior with leather, made ​​from whale penis – exclusive material and one of the most expensive in the world.  Besides  Russian SUV this sort of leather was used only for the design of the interior on a famous billionaire Aristotle Onassis yacht. This type of skin has never been used before in cars interior.

SUV "Combat" interior

Manufacturers of the SUV received a lot of angry letters from a representatives of Greenpeace, World Wildlife Fund and even Pamela Anderson who had found out that the car seats  were covered with leather of a whale penis.

The company responded to a worldwide pressure by stating: “We had no purpose to kill whales or do something like that. All we wanted – just a luxury car. A truly exclusive, world’s number one … we searched for the most expensive materials, which is why we chose the skin of the whale penis. After so may protests we have realized our mistake and have decided not to use natural skin anymore. We will focus on the most advanced nanotechnology to get the highest quality synthetic materials, which have never been used in the automotive industry.”

SUV "Combat" weels

In addition, the company is negotiating with the manufacturer’s most expensive mobile phones in the world Vertu to create a special version of the phone made for Pombron Monaco Red Diamond.  Car has a small bar with a free bonuses – the most expensive bottle of RussoBaltique vodka, tin of RussoBaltique caviar and a luxury vibrator created by automotive designer Viktor Poontoos.

Russian SUV "Combat" logo

Under the hood – 840-horsepower engine capable to disperse the 3.7-ton SUV to a maximum of 240 kilometers per hour.


For the ultra-exclusive armored SUV company asked  “only” one million euros. Last creation of the company, luxury bronemobil Dartz Kombat T98 presented at the Top Marques 2009, cost five times less – 200,000 euros.

dartz russobaltique vodka








Russian SUV Combat