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Throughout the James Bond series of films and novels, Q Branch has given Bond a wide variety of vehicles with which to battle his enemies. Among the most noteworthy gadgets, Bond has been equipped with various vehicles that have numerous modifications to include weapons systems, anti-pursuit systems, alternate transportation modes, and various other functions.

BMW Z8 – The World Is Not Enough

Pierce Brosnan drove the convertible Beemer in The World Is Not Enough, but it was a BMW in name only. The Z8 was still a prototype when filming started, so the film featured a Cobra kit car wearing BMW skin. We’re still not sure where Q found room for the surface-to-air missiles, let alone the six cup holders, but now we know where they put the movie camera.

The Z8’s inclusion in The World Is Not Enough was the culmination of a product pacement deal worked out with BMW that started with Goldeneye in 1995 (Z3) and continued with Tomorrow Never Dies in 1997 (750iL).

The Z8 didn’t see much action in the movie, and met it’s demise at the blades of one of the King Buzzsaw Helicopers. The Z8 was introduced at MI6 headquarters, drove through the Azerbaijani oil fields, and saw combat action on the docks outside of Valentin’s caviar factory beside the Caspian Sea outside of Baku. As the Z8 is being sawed in half, Bond remarks: “Q’s not going to like this!”. The Z8 was equipped with two retractable, side-mounted Surface-to-Air Missile Launchers hidden behind the forward side fender cooling vents, remote control capability, and, amazingly, “six beverage cup holders”.

James Bond BMW Z8 - The World Is Not Enough

Brand new 1:12 scale diecast car model of BMW Z8 James Bond 007 From “World Is Not Enough” Movie die cast car by Kyosho.


Brand new box.
Rubber tires.
Made of diecast with some plastic parts.
Detailed interior, exterior, engine compartment.
Dimensions approximately L-15, W-6, H-4.5 inches.


Aston Martin V12 Vanquish – Die Another Day

“Die Another Day” saw James Bond reunited with an Aston Martin after a three film stint with BMW. The 55 million dollar delay secured Bond in a Ford owned brand for the next few films. The first in 2002 saw 007 behind the wheel of a new Aston Martin – the V12 Vanquish.

The car is equipped with all the usual refinements, including front-firing rockets, hood-mounted target-seeking guns, spike-producing tires, again and a passenger ejector seat in homage to the original Aston Martin DB5, but used here in a clever bit of improvisation by 007 to right the car when it’s been flipped onto its roof. The Aston was also equipped with “adaptive camouflage” – a cloaking device that allowed it to become effectively invisible at the push of a button. This vehicle was also featured in the video games Nightfire (2002) and Everything or Nothing (2004).

James Bond Aston Martin V12 Vanquish - Die Another Day

The metallic gun metal grey finish is flawless across the metal body. Two plastic components are an off colour – the rear bumper and front grill bumper surround. This is also true of the removable roof section that fits tightly.

The trunk its finished in a black flat plastic, and a fire extinguisher can be found modeled into the detailing of the boot. All four seats are formed out of hard plastic with clean detailing. Both rear seats have soft seat belts that have been stretched over them. Clean modelling and silver detailing can be found on the inner panels on the doors and along side each of the rear seats.


Carrera Mustang Convertible – Goldfinger

Even before the famous laser scene, Auric Goldfinger tried to get rid of James Bond, with an exciting car chase taking place around Auric Enterprises. But the inspiration for this racing set from Carrera is the road race enjoyed by Bond and Tilly Masterson. Recreating the thrills from this memorable “Goldfinger” sequence as you maneuver the classic Aston Martin DB5 driven by James Bond and the Ford Mustang convertible with markswoman Tilly behind the wheel.

White over red 1964 convertible. (Called the T-5 in Europe) Tires and lower portion of the right side slashed by Bond’s Aston Martin DB5.

James Bond Carrera Mustang Convertible - Goldfinger

It was this third film of the James Bond movies that helped put the agent with the licence to kill on the road to success. And that is in part thanks to the Aston Martin DB5. Equipped with numerous gadgets, this car slashed the Mustang’s tires during Bond’s hot chase with Tilly.


Jaguar XKR Roadster – Die Another Day

Jaguar XKR featured in the 2002 James Bond film “Die Another Day”. Driven by henchman Zao, it was the first time Bond meet his match on the road. Stunt driver George Cottle took control of the car during the elaborate chase over the frozen vistas and into the Ice Palace – eventually resulting in the death of Rick Yune’s character. The heavily modified Jaguar had all the trappings to make Q proud.

Equipped with front grill machine guns, door panel missiles, rear mounted gattling gun and boot mounted mortars. This car is on display in the James Bond Experience at the National Motor Museum, Beaulieu

James Bond Jaguar XKR Roadster - Die Another Day

Finished in gloss British racing green, the metal body of Jaguar XKR is finished in a metallic green with all the additional detailing in grey plastic, detailed in silver.

The skirt is a mix of plastic and metal, detailed with small painted silver studs. The five spoke wheels allow a clear view through to the disc breaks, which have small studded holes.

A stiff hood lifts up away from the car to reveal a supercharged V8 engine, primarily finished in black plastic with silver detailing, it is blocky and averagely formed and would have benefited from a little extra detailing.

The passenger compartment is fashioned in hard black plastic with silver and red detailing for the dashboard, and the simple internal fixtures are well detailed for this scale. Tiny amounts of flashing can be seen on the seat belt clips and steering column. Two silver foot pedals add extra detail along with two stamps on the seats. Two roll bars are made out of plastic finished in silver.


BMW Z3 – GoldenEye

Supposedly equipped with ‘Stinger’ missiles and other armaments, which are never seen or used except for a deployable parachute and auto-HUD. Car is left-hand drive. Total screen time less than two minutes.

Bond’s Q-Branch equipped BMW Z3, was one of the most stylish cars Bond has driven. The brand new model was fully equipped with weaponry as well as other refinements. During the mission Bond didn’t get the chance to use the Z3 much, and eventually traded it for a small plane.

Bond used the Z3 to drive through the Caribbean and meet up with Jack Wade. He only used one feature in the car which was the radar, he saw an object in the displays gaining on them, which was Jack Wade in a small plane who flew above their heads and landed. Bond swapped the keys, and told Wade not to touch any buttons, he sped off in the stylish automobile, while Bond and Natalya flew off in an average charter plane.James Bond BMW Z3 - GoldenEye

Has rubber tires.
Detailed interior, exterior.
Comes in brand new plastic display showcase.
Dimensions approximately L-4 inches long.

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