Honda CB750 Concept 2015

The 2015 Honda CB750 concept was created independently of Honda by designer Igor Chak. Visually the 2015 CB750 concept shares little in common with the original CB750 design from the 1970s. However the intended use of the bikes as a sports tourer remains similar.

The CB750 concept utilizes an advanced monocoque construction which consists of carbon fibre, aluminium and titanium. The result would be a rigid structure which is both light and incredibly strong. Located low down in the frame is the 750 cc, four cylinder engine which is fueled by liquid hydrogen. This is connected to a six speed dual-clutch transmission. The bike also features launch and traction control.

Perhaps the most interesting element of the 2015 CB750 concept is the advanced array of electronic aids and performance systems. The vehicle is fitted with electromagnetic suspension which can be altered instantaneously to suit the road conditions or rider preferences. A radar also detects any possible head-on collisions and automatically slows the bike. A 5″ OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) display screen located in to the top of the fuel tank controls the three main riding modes for the bike.

GPS mode is for accurate and detailed navigation on long or unfamiliar journeys. While in GPS mode the 2015 CB750 concept is connected to the internet and continually receives updates and information to assist the rider.

Drive mode allows the rider to choose from three preprogrammed setups, Standard, Economy, or Race. In Diagnostic mode the bike displays information like lap times, fuel consumption, maximum speed achieved etc.