Five F1 drivers who cheated death

Formula 1 is one of the most dangerous sport in the world.

Despite the dangers of traveling at such high speeds, these racers miraculously survived some brutal crashes.

Felipe Massa

It was the freakiest of freak accidents, Felipe Massa was following some distance behind Rubens Barrichello’s Brawn in Qualifying at the Hungaroring in 2009, when a suspension spring fell off Barrichello’s car, bounced up in the road and then hit Felipe Massa’s smack on the helmet just above his eye.

Massa’ skull received multiple fractures and there was great concern he might lose the sight in one eye. Like his former team-mate, he also suffered a brain contusion and was put into an artificial coma to aid recovery. At the time his doctors reported that he would not return to racing that season and that his long-term future was in some doubt. In 2010 he got back into a Ferrari and scored five podiums.