Danica Patrick Playboy Interview

Danica Patrick – Playboy’s  favorite fastest woman

Playboy’s  favorite fast woman debates Barbies versus Hot Wheels, remembers the days of Go-Kart and have a message for those other Indy drivers  bringing up her rear.

PLAYBOY: When you were a little girl, who was a toy of your choice, Barbie or Hot Wheels?
PATRICK: Well, it depends on what age we are talking about. I had a hundred Barbies, and I turned cartons on their side, and made them into Barbie houses. But I always loved Mr. T, too. This should be the start of something masculine. And I have the Barbie car.

Danica Patrick sexy driver

PLAYBOY: What were the first cars you race?

Danica Patrick: The Little Go-card with a small lawn, lawn mower engines in them. They were five-horsepower engine that may have been 40 or 45 miles per hour. I was 10 years old, and I caught it quickly. I almost won the championship in the first year. I went back to Sugar river channel several years ago and looked at all the files from the first year I was driving. I can see the lap times and qualifying positions and results. You can see that the midseason he clicked, and suddenly I was two seconds faster than anyone else. I started the victory all the time.

PLAYBOY: Do you look back and realize how seriously you took racing?

PATRICIK: Yeah, that’s exactly right. When I was in high school, people would say to me, “Gosh, you’re so dedicated.” If I had a race the next weekend, I would go out with my friends and drive them around, and I wouldn’t drink. I always lived for racing, and I sacrificed everything else. That’s why when people ask, “How do I become a race-car driver? Tell us what it takes”- I always say I don’t think I can tell someone how to do it—either you have it in you or you don’t. If you’re asking the question, I would look at it twice, because you should he on the path already.