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Communist Cars | The Worst Car in the World

Top Gear: Jeremy Clarkson and James May can’t decide if imported Chinese-made cars would be any good, so they made their way to Greenham Common airbase to see if the Communists ever historically built a good car. 

They begin with Russian cars (Lada Riva, Moskvitch 408, Lada Niva, ZAZ-968) and the East German Wartburg. Both Clarkson and May declare all of those cars to be “truly terrible”, though show some affection for the Niva. Clarkson declares the Lada Riva as “simply the worst car in the world” and May then disagrees with him, declaring the Moskvitch 408 to be the worst car in the world.

Communist Cars | The Favorites

Top Gear: Communism made decent cars? Part 1

They also look at an FSO Polonez (and destroy it in an homage to the Toyota Hilux that they abused), an East German Trabant, and a Czechoslovak Velorex. Their favourites are the Niva and the GAZ Chaika, but neither are found to be good because they fail to run. Their test includes a race between a British “Communist” car, the Morris Marina, and a Lada Riva. The Marina wins, though they find it to be more effective as a brazier for striking workers, than as a car. Overall, none of the cars that are tested in this challenge are liked by Clarkson or May. Richard Hammond later reminds them that Ferrari, Maserati, and Lamborghini cars have been made in an Italian communist-run locality for decades.

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