Celebrities Under 20 with Luxury Cars

There are people who want to be celebrities because they want to share their talents and gifts with the world. 

Of course, these days, there are also people who long for stardom because of all the perks that come with being famous. After all, when you’re a celebrity, you get to eat at the best restaurants, wear designer clothing on a regular basis, and drive the finest cars money can buy.

Young celebrities don’t have to “pay their dues” and drive a sub-standard car until they can make enough money to pay for the vehicle they really want. Teenage celebrities are often gifted with cars that most people in their 40s and 50s can’t afford.

Sure, it’s enough to make any hard-working adult a little jealous, but it’s also a little fascinating. People love to see which cars celebrities are driving, and some individuals even try to get a more affordable version of their favorite celebrity’s car.

When young stars get luxury vehicles, the parents of teens who are not in the spotlight often feel the pressure to get their kids a nice car, too. This is just another example of how celebrities are cleverly used to make certain types of merchandise even more popular.

Here are 10 celebrities under the age of 20 with the “sickest” rides.

10. Hailee Steinfield

Actress and singer Hailee Steinfield, 19, apparently purchased a pretty new white Audi recently. She also posted on social media that she thinks cars should have “sorry” lights that drivers can use “when they do something stupid,” which likely indicates that she’s a safe teen driver.

Hailee is also a successful model, and is perhaps most known for her portrayal of Mattie Ross in the movie True Grit. Steinfield recently released a song called “Love Myself,” which is a self-empowerment anthem for women, and the lyrics have a few double meanings.

But hey, she’s got to stay relevant in this business, and at least she’s not making sex tapes or leaking nude photos.