Bugnotti vs Bugatti Vintage Concept Car


CHASSIS: Brent VanDervvoort of FAT MAN FABRICATIONS of Mint Hill, NC is building a chassis specifically designed for the Bugnotti. Front suspension choices will range from Bugatti-style beam axle with eliptical springs to a more modern, conventional upper and lower control arm front suspension. Chassis prices will be forthcoming shortly.

“TURNKEY” COST: At this time its “guesstimate” delivering an alloy bodied “turnkey” Bugnotti Coupe with late model powertrain (choie of engine), AC/PB/PS/PW, at about $450,000. A “carbon fiber appearance” bodied turnkey should be in the $250,000 range, or a painted body for approximately the same.

BUGNOTTI roadster, a sports car that does not pretend to be a Bugatti, but pays homage to this great marque as well as the incredible styling of Figoni, Leamy, Gardner and Buehrig.

Delahaye Hybrid Bugnotti Type 57S Roadster

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