Bugnotti vs Bugatti Vintage Concept Car

FULL SIZED BUCK: Our initial plans called for CNC cutting a buck for the molds from high density foam. We digitized our rough rolling buck at ADVANCED VEHICLE ENGINEERING in Brighton, MI and

the surface data was developed  from Steve Wilkonski and Leonard Hayden of REVOLUTION DESIGN STUDIOS in Royal Oak, MI. For budget reasons, it was reverted to the hand-shaped approach. Doug and Scott Groh of 3G SERVICES in Taylor, Michigan are transformimg it into a smooth, finished buck.

TOOLING: When the buck is completed, 3G SERVICES will then cast the tooling, making molds to manufacture the bodies using the state of the art vacuum infusion process.

CARBON FIBER or FIBERGLASS BODIES:  The bodies will be offered  in three finishes. First, with a highly polished clearcoat on top of several layers of carbon fiber with additional layers of composite cloth behind that. This will be  “carbon fiber appearance” as you will be able to see the weaves of the fiber. Then it is a gel coat finish with a combination carbon fiber and composite body that can be painted the color of the customer’s choice. Finally it’s a lower cost gel coat and all composite body that can be painted the customer’s color choice.



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