Bugnotti vs Bugatti Vintage Concept Car

Delahaye’s “Bella Figura” Bugnotti Coupe new Carbon Fiber bodied car inspired by the classic 1937 Type 57S, this is not a real Bugatti. It is a tribute to Ettore’s son Jean. During Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance week in Monterey, CA 2010 reaction to the design was totally positive and reaction to the Carbon Fiber finish was overwhelming.

DESIGN: Inspiration for the design of a stretched, modernized Type 57S BUGNOTTI came from several sources. It evolved over a one year period. Several factors that also came into play included an illustration of a Gangloff bodied coupe built in the 1990’s by an avid Bugatti collector from old drawings.

Gangloff bodied coupe