Evolution of Aston Martin Racing – 1950s to present-day

Since the DBR9’s racing debut in 2005, Aston Martin Racing has expanded to build a variety of cars available to customers, as well as development of Aston Martin’s V12 engine for Le Mans Prototype use.

Aston Martin Racing’s program has earned several successes over the years. Although all cars are built by Prodrive at their factory, Aston Martin plays an integral part in designing the race cars, as well as integrating elements of the race cars back into Aston Martin’s road cars.

Aston Martin DB3S (1953-1956)


The Aston Martin DB3S was a sports racing car built by Aston Martin as a replacement for the heavy and uncompetitive Aston Martin DB3. In total 31 cars were made, with 11 works carsand 20 cars being sold for customer use. The DB3S was introduced in 1953 and it proved somewhat more successful than the Aston Martin DB3. The DB3S was later replaced in 1956by the DBR1.