8 Daily Cars of Famous Automaker Bosses

ferrucio lamborghini jarama
Ferruccio Lamborghini‘s favorite car was a Lambo that you probably never heard of – the front-engine Jarama. Only 328 units were ever made, which is rare even by Lamborghini’s standards. In 1991 interview with Thoroughbred & Classic Car, Lamborghini explained his love for the vehicle.

“I preferred the Jarama to all the others, because it is the perfect compromise between the Miura and the Espada. The Miura is a sports car for the young at heart who want to go like hell and love to be seen. Myself, I considered the Miura too extroverted after a while. In turn, the Espada was my Rolls-Royce: still quite fast, but also large and comfortable. The Jarama is the perfect car if you just want to have one car.”