7 NASCAR Drivers With Criminal Records

nascar drivers criminal records
7 NASCAR drivers who got in trouble with the law

derek white tobacco smuggling
A native of Kahnawake, Quebec,  Derek White ran six truck races over six years, the latest in 2014.  He also ran 36 races over seven years in the Pinty’s Series, NASCAR’s stock-car series in Canada.

White was one of 60 people apprehended this week in a joint U.S.-Canadian sting operation into a smuggling ring. Not heroin, not cocaine, not marijuana, but tobacco, with other members of the ring being biker gangs and mobsters.

The numbers involved are staggering. In the Bloomberg report, Quebec police Sgt. Daniel Thibaudeau said nearly 2,300 tons of tobacco were carried over the border in 158 trips over two years. Smugglers avoided $530 million Canadian, or more than $404 million U.S., in taxes.