10 Most Unorthodox Concept Cars by Mercedes-Benz

mercedes iaa concept

The IAA concept, first shown at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show, is all about aerodynamics. After reaching, it automatically transforms into a more aerodynamic shape.

The front bumper features panels that extend 25mm forward into the airflow, while a Cruella deVil-spec valance protrudes an extra 20mm out of the back. The front bumper retreats some 60mm underneath the car, and even the wheels seal up to cut drag. Think of it like a falcon – or a jet fighter – tucking in its wings when it dives through the air. Meanwhile the lights and exhaust are hidden inside the bodywork, McLaren P1-style. Nothing is allowed to interfere with the precious aerodynamics.

Why are aerodynamics and drag reduction important? Because creating a slippery body that scythes through the air easily is a no-brainer for saving fuel.

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