10 Most Unorthodox Concept Cars by Mercedes-Benz

mercedes silver lightning

The Silver Lightning, also known as the Silver Arrow, is a concept debuted at the 2011 Los Angeles Auto Show that pays homage to the Silver Arrow racecars of the the 1930s. This reimagining gives the classic racers a futuristic makeover, inspired by sci-fi films like Star Wars, Tron and Star Trek.

The car’s sleek, futuristic appearance also comes with innovative features as well. Its roof is constructed of several pieces of small, lightweight magnetic squares, and uses Mag-Tech technology that allows them to either combine to form a hardtop, or retracted to convert the car into a roadster. The omni-directional wheels allow the Silver Lightning to be able to steer freely in any direction, and are enclosed in rings integrated within the car’s main body.

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