10 Horrible Car Crashes Caused by use of Cellphone

Government statistics allege that an estimated 421,000 people were injured that year as a result of “distracted driving,” which is 420,989 more than were injured by mass shooter Elliot Rodger.

I’m always amused, bemused, befuddled, and confounded by how people calibrate their Social Justice Hysteria Meters. If all human lives are equal, why isn’t there far more outrage about driving while texting than there is about mass shootings? Is it because nearly everyone seems to do it, while only a few SSRI-addled males go on shooting rampages, so it’s easier to point fingers? And is it more deadly to text and point fingers while driving than it is merely to text while driving? I would think it is. And I guess we’ll never know how many people have died or been crippled in car accidents while engaged in hashtag activism.

Anyway, kids, don’t text and drive unless you have a death wish or you think it’d be cool to eat through a straw for the rest of your life while communicating through a DECtalk Synthesizer like Stephen Hawking. Here are ten cases that show the folly of being such a slave to your smartphone that it makes you a murderer or a suicide victim.

1. Woman Dies Moments After Posting on Facebook About How A Song Called “Happy” Makes Her Happy

In April 2014, 32-year-old Ann Sanford was driving merrily along a North Carolina road, talking selfies and posting to Facebook. Only a minute after she had posted, “The happy song makes me HAPPY,” police were called to the scene of her fatal car crash.

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