10 Fun Facts About Henry Ford

After Ford opposed President Woodrow Wilson’s plan to send troops to help defeat revolutionaries along the Mexican border, the Chicago Tribune called Ford an “ignorant idealist . . . and an anarchist enemy of the nation.” In return, Ford sued the newspaper for defamation and $1 million in damages.In summer 1919, the lawsuit went to trial and lasted 14 weeks. It generated two million words of testimony as the Tribune sought to demonstrate to the world that Ford was indeed an ignorant idealist. After the trial, the media was not very kind to the “people’s tycoon” who had failed to answer high school–level questions. “Mr. Ford has been submitted to severe examination of his intellectual qualities. He has not received a pass,” declared The New York Times. The New York Post called Ford “a joke.” The jury found in favor of Ford. However, they only awarded him six cents in damages, which the Tribune never paid.