10 Fun Facts About Danica Patrick

5. She’s A Commercial Queen

Athletes these days have their own brands, and manage to score endless partnerships and promotional gigs to supplement their already generous pro athlete paychecks. From automobile brands to sweet confections, athletes put their names and star power behind a lot of things – and Danica Patrick gets more calls than anyone.

While the average race car driver may not have as much name recognition as a star football or basketball player, when you’re a gorgeous female powerhouse in a relatively male dominated world, you get a ton of attention, as Danica Patrick knows.

She has appeared in commercials for Secret deodorant (eventually being replaced by none other than pop superstar Rihanna), as well as for the Honda Civic Coupe. However, the most notorious commercials come from her years being sponsored by GoDaddy, where she’s done everything from step into the shower to run down the road in a strange muscle suit.