10 Fun Facts About Audi

It was so top secret not even the president of the company knew about it. Audi rally team manager Roland Gumpert (who later went on to form his own supercar company) recognized the need for a mid-engine rally car when Lancia and Peugeot started getting a leg up on the quattros in the late 1980s.

In a classic case of don’t ask for permission, ask for forgiveness, Gumpert and his team began developing a new mid-engine 1000 hp rally car in complete secrecy. But, when a spy photographer snapped the car on a clandestine test run, their secret was blown. It’s rumored that when company boss Ferdinand Piëch discovered the unapproved project, he went to the workshop and demanded the cars be disassembled while he watched. Luckily, Gumpert had one hidden away, which now resides at Audi’s museum in Ingolstadt.

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